Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Victoria Beckham Tattoos

What are those Tattoos Doing in the Body of Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham?

Victoria Beckham, the former Spice Girl has five tattoos.
Her first tattoo are 5 stars at her back representing her family members.

Her 2nd is down the back of her neck The tattoo is in Hebrew and is from the Song of Solomon 6:3.

Next tattoo is 08.05.1997 in roman numbers, which was the day David and Victoria Beckham had sex for the first time

The forth tattoo are initial DB of her popular husband, David Beckham on her left wrist.

Her latest tattoo is located underneath an older Roman numeral one, but the complex script is difficult to read
Her tattoos are engraved beautifully that attract the attention of the public.

Tattoos are not new in China where traditional tattooing among some tribes was practiced. China has a rich history of tattooing tradition with the natives living in the mountain region near the Myanmar border. But this traditional tattooing is nearing its extinction if not propagated with the help of the Chinese government.

Several Dulong tribe women trooped to Beijing capital to prove to the Chinese government that tattoo is indeed part of their heritage. Men tattooed their faces and etched designs on their bodies to protect themselves from large fishes whenever they go fishing in the sea. Later, these tattoos were used as ornaments for their bodies.

The style of tattooing varied according to tribe. The placement and sizes of designs had something to do with the rank of the person. Tribes had to follow rules in having tattoos. They just cannot have the size and kind of tattoos that they want. They have to use the type of tattoos fitted for their rank and stature.

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