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Mena Suvari Tattoos

Mena Suvari Tattoos
Mena Alexandra Suvari, born 13 February, 1979, is a famous American actress, fashion model, fashion designer and a spokeswoman. The entertainment industry knows Mena best for her exemplary role as Angela in American Beauty and Comedy sequels American Pie and American Pie 2. Mena has also been nominated as the best actress in BAFTA awards and she has appeared on couple of television shows. She's definitely one of the top tattooed celebrities…Mena Suvari is fond of large tattoos. The one on her back has the words 'Word, Sound, Power'. On her neck, Mena Suvari has a tattoo of Lion Head and on the center of her chest she has a smaller tattoo where she has inscribed her lucky number '13' on her tattoo. When Mena Suvari went for a large tattoo on her back, she had her hair cut to a very short length in order to display her sexy tattoo. Sometimes back, Mena Suvari had gone for tattoo, which was so ugly that she had it removed after lots of adverse publicity in the tabloids.
Mena Suvari Tattoos

Jamie Foxx Tattoos

Jamie Foxx Tattoos

Jamie Foxx, age 42, is an American actor, comedian and singer who has won Academy Award and BAFTA award for the best actor and also a Golden Globe for Best actor in a musical comedy. Jamie's work as a musician has been honored by several Grammy awards, Unpredictable and Intuition being the best known albums of Jamie Foxx.
Jamoe Foxx is best known for a tribal tattoo on his head. Earlier, people were confusing the tattoo with a fade cut; however, since he has off late started shaving his head, the tattoo is clearly visible. In the Hollywood, it is believed that when a black actor gets awards especially Grammy, he often goes for a tattoo. Yes, the same thing is correct even with Jamie Foxx. Besides his tattoos, it was also believed that Jamie Foxx had the largest birthmark on his body but there have not been any official confirmation about it. Jamie Foxx's diehard fans do not believe that the tattoo with words Jarhead' on the head of their favorite icon Jamie Foxx.

Jamie Foxx Tattoos

Tupac Tattoos

2Pac Back Tattoos
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2Pac Tattoos

Tupac Shakur was an American rapper who died at the young age of 25-years and who remains as one of the best selling musical artists in the whole world. As on today, more than 75 million albums of Tupac have been sold all over the world. Apart from a great musical artist, Tupac was a budding actor and also a great social activist. On the stage and in the world of fans, Tupac was often called as 2Pac or simply Pac or Makaveli.

Tupac was known to have a great love for tattoos. On his neck on the right side, there used to be a tattoo with his name 'Makaveli'. Besides, Tupac Tattoos included the tattoo of the head of the Egyptian Queen on the chest, a machine gun with the words “50 NIGGAZ' on the mid-torso, his name 2Pac on the left side of his chest, a mask displaying 'Smile' on the left side of his back, a big Cross with a clown mask on the each side of the cross on his back , the words 'Westside' on his right shoulder, a panther head on left shoulder, the word 'Heartless' on his right upper arm, head of Jesus on a burning Cross on his left upper arm and many more tattoos.Tupac Tattoos

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