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Tupac Tattoos

2Pac Back Tattoos
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2Pac Tattoos

Tupac Shakur was an American rapper who died at the young age of 25-years and who remains as one of the best selling musical artists in the whole world. As on today, more than 75 million albums of Tupac have been sold all over the world. Apart from a great musical artist, Tupac was a budding actor and also a great social activist. On the stage and in the world of fans, Tupac was often called as 2Pac or simply Pac or Makaveli.

Tupac was known to have a great love for tattoos. On his neck on the right side, there used to be a tattoo with his name 'Makaveli'. Besides, Tupac Tattoos included the tattoo of the head of the Egyptian Queen on the chest, a machine gun with the words “50 NIGGAZ' on the mid-torso, his name 2Pac on the left side of his chest, a mask displaying 'Smile' on the left side of his back, a big Cross with a clown mask on the each side of the cross on his back , the words 'Westside' on his right shoulder, a panther head on left shoulder, the word 'Heartless' on his right upper arm, head of Jesus on a burning Cross on his left upper arm and many more tattoos.Tupac Tattoos

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