Friday, March 13, 2009

Sarah Michelle Gellar Tattoos

The Tattoos of Sarah Michelle Gellar Give Her More Fame and Success

This celebrity has 3 nicely designed tattoos in her body that provide her more fame and success. She has a scripted Chinese tattoo at her back which is a Chinese symbol for integrity. On her left hip are images of a Celtic symbol and a heart pierced with a dagger on the interior part of her ankle.Today, tattoos are becoming a great fad in Hollywood and you can see a lot of male and female celebrities sporting them. Tribal tattoos have become more popular among the tattoo designs due to their natural look and flexibility of their designs.Tribal tattoos have been famous during the early days of tribes in Celtic Ireland, Africa, Asia and the Americas. They are symbols of great value and meaning for the tribes that have been adopted by celebrities like Sarah Michelle.These tattoos are mostly engraved at the back, legs and arms. When you intend to copy the tattoos of celebrities, make sure that you have fully decided to have them because you will have them forever in your body. Think twice when you choose to have weird, wild and profane designs and words as your tattoo so you won’t regret them in the end.
Sarah Michelle Gellar Tattoos pictures gallery

Sarah Michelle Gellar Tattoos pictures gallery

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